Night Owl and The Superhero Jake

I started dreaming up superheroes almost as soon as I could walk. Night Owl, the main character in my comics, is a normal 12-year-old boy by day who inherits superhuman powers after his grandfather’s untimely death.

Night Owl, with his signature glowing green eyes and red freckles, evolved from a character I originally called The Superhero Jake, who would sleep on the angel of justice in downtown Fort Worth and watch over the children of the city. If any child called for help, The Superhero Jake would zoom to their defense.

A powerful Shaman, Night Owl is charged with protecting the balance of the universe. His powers include strength, ability to see the future and to fly, and near invulnerability.

 Night Owl’s alter ego, Zack Finley, wears glasses to mask his identity.


~ by jaketinsley on April 2, 2009.

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