Ideas for new storylines

I have many storylines on the hook  right  now but the one I’m giving the most attention to is still in the writing stage…its called Hunt. Its about four bountyhunters:

A cyborg: Captain Preston views himself as a badass with a cybersuit, but he behaves like his ship is a democracy.

A droid: N1-ck  is a bountyhunter droid who obtained emotions after a malfunction. He is currently in a romantic relationship with the human female on the ship.

The alien: Zasha Rutra looks like a female to us but her hair is actually tentacles and she is a guy on her planet.

The human: Was captured off on the side  while they were on a mission. then became a crew member within 3 years of her capture under the tutelage of  n1-ck  but doesnt know he isn’t human yet . I’m going to make it a big suprise. “heh heh”


~ by jaketinsley on April 23, 2009.

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