A message from Dr. Frogg

Twelve years ago my mom bought me a tadpole. She had to take care of it until I was old enough to do it myself. By then, Dr. Frogg was a mature male bullfrog. It was hard to keep Dr. Frogg away from our cats. The good doctor liked to scare the cats with his loud croaking.

I was okay with the croaking. So Dr. Frogg rested in a cage on my dresser.

After I woke up one morning (I think I was awake), I was surprised to find  Dr. Frogg talking to me.


“R-r-rob the bank, Jake!”  he said.

“Do WHAT?” I replied.

“R-r-rob the bank,” he said. “R-r-ROBBITT!!”



I went to tell my mom but she told me to go back to sleep, that I was having a weird dream.

After that, I ignored all the sounds that Dr. Frogg was making in my direction.

I later found out that my little brother was whispering along with the frog to convince me to r-r-rob the bank.  Why, I’ll never know.

So I gave little brother a w-w-w-wedgie.


~ by jaketinsley on May 3, 2009.

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