Amber Hagerman Deserves Justice: A Night Owl Story

Since my Dad and I first created Wham Bang Comics in 2007, our most successful comic book has been Amber Hagerman Deserves Justice: A Night Owl Story. The book goes a long way toward explaining the importance of the Amber Plan to young children without scaring them.
We unveiled the comic book, which received positive international attention, in May.
I scripted the story, with some coaching from Florida writer Hatch Tarr and my Dad, Ben Tinsley. Jason Dube was the artist. The comic book tells the story of Arlington, Texas murder victim Amber Hagerman and how her life was taken when she was only 9.
We used the comic book to explain the history of the Amber Plan to kids. Also, we announce in the comic that a cold case college group from Atlanta is conducting a new investigation into the slaying. 
My Dad tells me the impact of the Amber story is right up there with the famous Spider-Man “drugs” tale that comics legend Stan Lee wrote for Marvel Comics in the 1970s.
By agreeing to put the comic books in stores around the world, Diamond distribution, in our opinion, is showing a lot of compassion and social responsibility as a company.
By the way, my ongoing Night Owl series is set to debut in January 2010. Each issue will include information and updates about the Amber investigation, until the investigation is completed or Amber Hagerman’s killer has been found. 
The emphasis of the Night Owl series – and all of my writing work – will be value-driven kid heroes and justice for everyone.

~ by jaketinsley on May 4, 2009.

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